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A synagogue on the water: a journey following Amsterdam's Jews

פנים בית הכנסת הפורטוגזי, שנחנך במאה ה-17
Synagogue built on wooden stilts standing in water, diverse Jewish Museum frequented mostly by non-Jewish visitors, newly opened Holocaust Museum and oldest active Jewish library: tour of Dutch capital's Jewish Quarter offers glimpse into vibrant life of community largely destroyed
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Israeli ambassador’s popular Torah radio show in South Korea becomes a book

שגריר ישראל בדרום קוריאה עקיבא תור ורעייתו ד"ר נעמי תור
Ambassador Akiva Tor compiles three years of broadcasts into book in Korean about Book of Genesis, illustrated by his wife, Naomi; proceeds will go to charity
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Shavuot miracle: Over 500 women named Ruth and Naomi make Aliyah to Israel in past decade

עולים חדשים בנתב"ג באירוע של הסוכנות היהודית לציון 70 שנות עלייה
Aliyah and Integration Ministry reports 266 women and girls named Ruth and 336 named Naomi have made Israel their new home in the last 10 years; top countries of origin for newcomers include France, UK, US and Brazil
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How Jewish WWII soldiers kept kosher in British military

מרווין קרש בזמן המלחמה
Marvin Kersh landed on Normandy beach on D-Day and took part in the liberation of a concentration camp; But had to explain to his superiors why he refused to eat non-kosher meat, a position which almost saw him court-martialed 
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'I left in tears': Spanish restaurant bars 'Zionists'

שלט פרו פלסטיני בכניסה למסעדה טבעונית במדרד
Madrid eatery Oveja Negra hangs pro-Palestinian posters in the establishment alongside ones calling for the destruction of Israel and announcing itself as an 'anti-Zionist zone' 
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