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The Falcon Heavy Moshe on the Mount the Temple

A few musings on the lift off of the Falcon Heavy

the Parshios and ourselves

 falconWhat in the world does ruminations about the Falcon heavy have to do with a frum community website?Maybe everything. It seems to me we can't deny that this is an event that can't be denied as being pivotal, and I have always looked to the parshios ("leben mit de parsha").

The last words of Mishpatim ' 'Moshe went into the anan 'Cloud', and went up to the Mountain....The purpose - to bring the word of haShem down to earth  and ultimately to build the Temple.

I was thinking about those words while watching the liftoff, the resemblance while being the total opposite in meaning.

We know that Avraham's journey to know and proclaim the Majesty of "kudshe brich hu"(His Holiness) started with the fall of the Tower of Bavel.If anything in our times would seem to resemble the Tower of Bavel, it would seem to be the launch of the Falcon Heavy.'Let us make a name for ourselves' ! And for sure , there was plenty of showmanship in that launch (and it would seem also, from a quick scan of  reviews that there has been some bad treatment of many workers).

But I don't think that is the true way for us to look at things.The tower of Bavel was out to squash the individual under the power of the city state and idol worship.That was the anthesis of the purpose of Creation 'Let us make Man in our 'image'. and He will control..And (haShem ) blessed ... be fruitful, multiply and conquer.'

If anything , I would say this launch , especially as a result of free entreprise, was a much more closely in tune with the purpose of creation and the blessings haShem gave (especially as today, our understanding of what is the world (universe) has expanded  so much.

However, there is no meaning to it all, without the Temple on earth (indeed , by the time they get to mars, probably robots will do the needed work better ) .

We know the Zohar is quoted as predicting 'The 600th year of the 6th millenium (1840), the gates of wisdom above and the wellsprings of wisdom below , will be opened.'Chassidim say it refers to the ebginning of chassidus;othrs the opening of new undertasnadings in the secrets of the zohar, and it's begnning to be (safely) dissemnated.

In secular , the time seems to relate to the beginning of the Industrial Revolution.

The Gaon from Vilna relates this to 'erev shabbas', towards the end  of the coming of Moshiach, when the world is united ; secular wisdom and the Holy, do not seem to contradict each other, the secular serves the holy.

We live in time when a gentile president of the mightiest country in the world is 'Trumpeting' our call.We would like to believe, that the time is coming quickly closer to when the real majesty of the Jewish people - a Holy Nation and Kingdom of Priests will be revealed.

Our ultimate relevancy and success is not in science or commerce but in being able to proclaim that inner light.

It is interesting , the week that rocket blasted off onto it's journey, the daf yomi learned the braisa of Pinchos ben Yair upon which the Ramchal bais his work, the mesilias Yeshorim - 'The Path of the Just', where he gives us the ladder to climb.

for us, as torah jews,it is importnat tor elaize that he says- aperson was created only to have 'oneg'(pelasure) on haShem'.


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