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Balak Anti semitism love - hate "Pride " The 3 Weeks

A Taanis is a time for intro spection, so I thought to write a few thoughts relating to the parsha and  to recent events.

Reading parshas Balak is difficult for a mind raised in the modern world, even for someone who considers himself religious.What kind of danger and powers did this sorcerer have? And why do we care if he in the end he actually repeatedly blessed us? And at the very end,we read how walls break down, intermariage, incense, and the lowest form of idol worship??

And what lessons must we take away from all this personally in our own service?

This writer, at least, certainly doesn't have the answers.But we do believe that a person was created 'b'zelem E'- in the image of haShem. And the Creator wants us to acknowledge and reflect that Majesty in our lives, and He gives us the capacity to  'commune', supplicate, pray direct with the source of all blessings.And by that acknowledment , we have the capacity to bring the blessings upon ourselves and the whole world.What raises us above earthly needs and desires and even above angels (ie. the coming robotic revolutions?)is the holy Torah .That is what makes us intoa 'holy Nation' , a kingdom of Priests.".

And this is not something that comes to us innately;it is a gift.The world was built in such a manner that prayer helps, but ultimately even that is a  gift.If needed, even the lowest , someone who sleeps with his donkey , could get the gift.

 HaShem created a whole world. Our National purpose is to raise ourselves and the whole world to know haShem.And if there is 'Holy', there is also the opposite.And somehow, we are all (ie humanity), asked to 'connect'.Somehow it is always possible to 'connect', no matter how far away.

Before the torah  was given to Israel, there were tzaddikim and prophets by non jews.The emergence of Israel as a nation is not just a territorial challenge.It means that that possibility of that kind personal connection is no longer with 'them.'We always have recognized jealousy by the goyim.But this is deeper, it is an 'existential' fear hate.And I think this is what is happenning now with the arabs.

After the chet hegel, Moshe prayed 'v'niflenu ani v'amcha'; that there should always be a clear difference between ourselves and the goyim.And the answer given was that there would eb great miracles , never seen.

The parsha of Balak, Bilaam, is prophetic, how all the peoples of the world are to come to praise us and be elevated with our service.But this worldly praise as blessings from on High come into this world, will come only when we all, really ,in our personal, family and communal lives are uplifted together as we look forward to be in  the days of Moshiach.

But till then the praise and adulation is dangerous.on the one hand, Balak was lifted, even if for the wrong reasons to sacrifices to haShem which somehow served for praises of israel, and from him came Ruth and Dovid.But teese blessings turned into curses as we see at the end of the parsha as jewsih boys were attracted to incense and the lowest form of idol worship.

We live in a time when the leader of the most mighty country on earth stands with the modern State of Israel.We see beginings of the 'impossible' as many arab countries are ready to work with us.But as for the State itself ? Tel Aviv is aflame with 'Pride'and the knesset has yet to debate or even accept the primacy of torah to the State of Israel

We must always remember what R' Cahim V'Loshzin writes.The Babylonians and Romans did not destroy the Temples; we had destroyed the Temples long before in our own hearts and souls.



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Pinchas heshiv es Chamosi
va Yaar Balak


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