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גוי וקחל גוים A Nation and a Congregation of Nations

גוי וקחל גוים   כולו הפך לבן

The son of David (Moshiach) will not come until all the leaders turn to denial of haShem

The source for this surprising and inexplilable statement is that when the blemish of leprosy turns completely white , then the blemish is purified.

When Jacob finally received his brocho from haShem, no longer as something 'stolen' with cunning, he is told that Goy (referring to Binyamin) and kahal goyim(referring to the two children of Yosef - (Ephraim and Menasshe) will come from him.The Netziv says that 'Goy' refers to the aspect of royalty, as Yehoshua, Shaul (and generations later , Mordecai) came from Binyamin.Of all the shevatim, only Binyamin was born in  Israel.He was the only one who would not/could not bow down the Esau, or in later generations to Haman.But , even if malchus was not to be lasting with Binyamin, most of the Beis haMikdash was built on his chelek.

And yet we also see another aspect to the strength of Binyamin - 'Pilegesh b'givea", a civil war, which devestated both sides, caused by an absolutely disgusting actions of a number of people witha 'yoke' from the tribe of Binyamin.Moreover, the place of 'gehinnom' is very near the bies hamkdash (in  Binyamin's territory)

When we look at what is happenning , r'l, in much of Isreal today, and paralelled by many prominent jews in the land of our biggest ally, the USA , we can't but wonder if that time is not fast coming upon us.And it is scary.

I saw an interesting observation by Gershon /burstyn in the Mishpacha magazine this week. Almost all the 'expert academics"trying to impeach the president (or for that matter, big jewish names selling the the 'liberal' gospel, running for president), are jewish.

I'm not sure , but we know that Nature hates a vacuum.The soul of a Yid is here to know, praise and proclaim the Majesty of the Creator.But when that Jew's neshema has been uprooted for generations from that source of life, and has been blemished by their aptitude for success, used for worldy self aggrandizement rather than lasting  eternal good, they turn to 'something' , some 'ism', anything , but what is genuine.

Completely tamei? No, that cannot be, not the soul of a Yid., but hopefully the changes we long for won't come with thousands of rockets reigning down on the Holy Land, or more horror stories as wqe saw last week in New Jersey. 

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