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Charedi Woman to Light Torch During National Yom Ha’atzmaut Ceremony

A  Challenge to the Norm

This article about Racheli Ganot, a Charedi leader in the High-Tech world of Israel, caught our attention.She has been chosen to be one of Israel’s torchlighters for the national Yom Ha’atzmaut Ceremony this year. Ganot, who is turning 40 this year, lives in Bnei Brak and has been working tirelessly over her career to increase the integration of Charedi women in the largely male-dominated and Secular-dominated field of high-tech in Israel.

Rachieli represents a significant symbol in the occupational revolution that is making waves in the Charedi world. Ganot is the Founder and CEO of Rachip, a company that works to develop hardware and software solutions for high-tech companies across the globe. She also trains and mentors other Charedi women in an effort to help them enter the workforce. She enables their entrance by building a surrounding environment for them that is appropriate for their needs.

The Ministry for Culture issued a statement that said that Ganot is a perfect combination of maintaining the traditional values that are unique to Charedi society while at the sam time embracing its innovation and involvement in the larger Israeli society. This is in addition to her monumental work of helping young women enter into the continuously changing and developing world of high-tech in Israel.


Chazal tell us that in the zechus of the women of valor in Egypt, we were redeemed (indeed the parsha of shemos begins with the bravery of the midwives.) A secular woman cannot understand how a 'liberated ' and successful lady could treasure znius and traditional values of family.And this is especailly true when so many chareidi men opt for full time learning.It 'doesn't make sense.' But this is the reality of the meaning of  עם קדוש -a "Holy Nation".

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